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service hotline关生13702960166林小姐18925991898

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Hunuo carefully weigh every detail, to promote the implementation of product differentiation!

Infrared radiation sensors
Spraying is imported equipment for spraying
High-end design
The accuracy of metal ceiling,It depends on the opening angle of the material,Only the material's opening angle is accurate,To ensure the size of the plate accurately.Our open angle equipment has 50 position NC,Laser punching machine,Fast,High machining accuracy.
Core Transmission
The smoothness of the metal ceiling is a key link in the manufacture of the metal ceiling,This device has a stress test function,According to the smoothness of the ceiling material,The thickness of the material is subjected to stress tests,Adjust the clearance of leveling roller in order to achieve the best leveling effect. 
Intelligent Processing
The drilling equipment we use has the most advanced CNC drilling equipment in the world

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